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Family Indoor Skydiving in Buckinghamshire £200

Family Indoor Skydiving in Buckinghamshire

Treat yourself to a great Adventure experience day with Family Indoor Skydiving in Buckinghamshire.

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Family Indoor Skydiving in Buckinghamshire Experience from £200

Jumping in to a tunnel of 120mph wind and experiencing the sensation of freefall usually only felt when jumping out of a plane, is a truly exhilarating feeling and this package allows the whole family to enjoy it. Beginning with a safety briefing, a fully qualified instructor will then get all of you (maximum of 5) kitted out in specialist flight suits. Afterwards, step in to the tunnel with the instructor and between the group, share an amazing 10 minutes of body flying, experiencing at least four times as much freefall than that of a 10,000 feet skydive. Watch each other fly and the instructor might even show you some freefall acrobatics. The session ends with a debrief and a DVD of the flights is included for the family to take home.

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