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Military Activities Experience £245

Military Activities Experience

Treat yourself to a great Adventure experience day with Military Activities Experience.

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Military Activities Experience Experience from £245

It's hard to beat driving around in military vehicles and shooting classic weapons, and this army-inspired experience day lets you do just that. Get kitted out in a camouflage suit and helmet then given a full safety briefing. Next, it's time to drive three military vehicles around a tough terrain track (usually a Russian Grozdilka tank, an FV 432 armoured personnel carrier and Supacat). The best driver of the day also gets to crush a car with a 56 ton Chieftain tank! This military experience also includes one of the following activities (depending on the day): an informative tour of the armoury and lecture, the possibility of learning how to load and fire mortars and muskets or a challenging clay-pigeon shooting session.

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