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Gliding Flight in Northamptonshire £100

Gliding Flight in Northamptonshire

Treat yourself to a great Flying experience day with Gliding Flight in Northamptonshire.

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Gliding Flight in Northamptonshire Experience from £100

Glimpse into the peaceful and somewhat diverse world of gliding with this aerotow flight in Northamptonshire. Following a discussion on the aircraft and flight safety, board a dual-controlled glider with an instructor ready for take-off. The glider is initially towed by a light aircraft to heights of around 2,000 ft, before the rope is detached and the craft majestically soars in a birdlike fashion in the thermal currents. Revel in the amazing views of the rolling countryside below and during the flight (at the discretion of the pilot), take charge of the controls to truly enjoy the unrivalled joys of flying.

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